The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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Birthday Surprise.

Ginny Weasley thought about it long and hard, and wondered what to get Harry for his birthday. What did you get for the man who had pretty much anything? For several weeks, Ginny thought about it, fished for suggestions and came up short.

The answer to the question to what to get for the man who has everything is something extremely practical. The youngest Weasley smiled and waited for Harry to return home. In their bedroom, Ginny stored a surprise which would knock Harry's socks off. Along with the rest of his clothes, if Ginny could say so herself.

The attractive redhead pushed her hair back and smiled. Ginny slipped on an extremely comfortable nightdress, which fit around her curvy frame. Her round, firm, breasts pressed against the dress, at least enough to show she didn't wear a bra underneath. A second later, Harry arrived outside of the door.

"Hi, Harry!" Ginny exclaimed.

Harry raised his eyebrow, and seconds later, Ginny pounced into his arms, wrapping her arms around him. She kissed him as hard as possible. Harry reminded her not to overstep her bounds, pushing his tongue into her mouth, before forcing her against the wall. Harry pinned his hands behind her head.

"What did you do?"

The forceful nature of Harry's voice caused Ginny's nipples to harden along with her loins to moisten. Regardless of the fact Harry pinned her against the wall, eyes scanning over her like an interrogation, Ginny tried to give him a winning smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Harry."

Harry smiled and denied Ginny's attempts to lean forward with another kiss.

"You have a look on your face like you committed some kind of crime," Harry said.

"Well, it's not technically a crime, per say," Ginny said.

Harry ran his hands down Ginny's body, rolling over her shapely hips, before squeezing her cute butt through her night dress. Harry continued to roam down Ginny's thighs, but stopped short from hitting her.

"No panties," Harry said.

"Come on, you know how much they get in the way."

"Which means you've been a really naughty girl," Harry said. He cupped her inner thigh for a moment and leaned in towards her, smiling. His breath hit the feisty girl's neck. "And you know what happens to naughty girls."

"Yes, sir, naughty girl's get spanked, and f*cked in the ass," Ginny said.

Harry smiled at her.

"The paddle is where you left it, love," Ginny continued, trying to give her hips as much of a seductive sway she could when pinned against the wall.

"Well, I'll keep it in mind," Harry said. "When you tell me what you've done."

Ginny blinked and experienced his power rolling over her. Ginny wanted him so badly, but managed to keep calm enough. He squeezed her in his hand.

"Damn it…it's a surprise, Harry," Ginny said. "Happy, birthday."

Harry smiled and licked the side of her neck, before pulling back.

"So, where is, my surprise?" Harry asked.

Harry reached up, tracing his finger over Ginny's cheek and caused her to shiver. He smiled, and waited for the vixen to answer.

"Well, Ginny, I'm waiting."

"Up in your master bedroom, Mr. Potter," Ginny said. "I spent some time making sure they were in working condition."

Harry understood exactly what Ginny meant. He leaned in closely, licking Ginny briefly behind her ear lobe, causing her to shudder.

"I bet you did."

Harry punctuated the husky tone with a slap to Ginny's rear, which caused her to squeal in response.

With eagerness in her eyes, Ginny watched her boyfriend ascend up the stairs of their house, licking her lips in anticipation.

Harry swung open the door to be greeted by a sight. Two nearly identical Indian twins laid on the bed, tied against the bed. Parvati Patil dressed in a red top which strained against her body, with a red veil draped over her face, and tight red pants, with bracelets on her ankles and feet. Her feet looked completely bare. Padma wore the same attire, only instead of red, she wore blue attire.

A sweep over their bodies caused Harry to smile. He noticed Padma looking a bit more into this than Parvati was. Of course, it didn't mean Parvati wasn't into it.

'You know what they say about the quiet ones.'

Harry smiled and removed the gags from both of their mouths.

"Hello Harry," Parvati said. "Happy birthday."

"So, did Ginny abduct you two?" Harry asked.

"Well, she convinced us to help….prepare for a surprise party," Padma said. She smiled and looked at him. "We had no idea bondage was involved."

"Although, we've done this all the time at home, with each other," Parvati said.

A certain part of Harry's body pretty much said "tell me more."

"Master, could you please untie us so we can wish you a happy birthday?" Padma asked.

"Please, sir, we'd make you feel so good," Parvati said.

Harry smiled and waved his hands, causing the ropes to disappear from the Patil twins, and Ginny to be bound to a nearby chair in the room.

"HARRY!" Ginny yelled. Despite her protest, her nipples grew so hard at being tied up and forced to watch this spectacle.

Before Harry could respond, the Patil twins pretty much jumped him. Harry caught Parvati in his arms, and she kissed him full on the lips. Her legs wrapped around him, with Padma dipping behind him and kissing him behind the back.

Harry smiled and withdrew the kiss. Padma already removed Harry's shirt and started to kiss the back of his neck, with a smile on her face.

"Why don't you take off my pants? They're feeling a little bit tight."

"Yes, sir," Parvati said with a smile on her face.

Parvati kissed Harry's chest. Her hot tongue lingered down Harry's abs, before she worked his pants off, and pulled his underwear down.

"Mmm," Parvati said. She wrapped her hand around Harry's throbbing co*ck and started to pump it up and down.

Harry smiled, and ran his hands over Padma's body while Parvati worshiped his co*ck. The young woman swirled her tongue around all of Harry's length, licking him all over.

Padma gushed from what Harry did. Each little caress of her body sent chills down the spine of the Ravenclaw Patil.

Parvati stroked his co*ck three times in succession, before giving it a long lick.

"Do you think you can get it in your mouth, love?" Harry asked. Parvati smiled when she swirled her tongue around Harry's throbbing manhood, licking all the way around him.

Padma leaned back on the bed, pulling her pants off, to reveal her dripping mound, with a strip of black hair on it. The sexy girl bit down on her lip.

"Would you like a taste, master?" Padma asked.

Harry couldn't respond right away, on the account of Parvati sucking his co*ck. Her tongue swirled around his manhood, licking him all over, covering him with spit.

"Yes," Harry said. He shifted himself, towards Padma's waiting puss*.

Harry's tongue extended a few inches as he slipped it inside of Padma's dripping center. He swirled his tongue around her puss*, prompting Padman's thighs to push up.

Parvati slurped away at his tasty co*ck. She couldn't wait to get his seed.

'Being such a powerful wizard….he must have some really tasty seed.'

Parvati kept slurping his manhood again. Harry smiled and leaned down, while making sure her eyes locked on her sister's puss*.

Padma screamed at the top of her lungs, when Harry used his tongue to trace the alphabet inside her. The woman breathed heavily with Harry pushing his tongue into her, making a zagged Z inside her pretty puss*.

Letting her go, Padma's puss* arched up and down, spilling he juices on the bed.

"Suck my co*ck like it's your job, pet."

Parvati leaned in, bringing her hot mouth around his throbbing hard manhood. The woman kept swirling her magnificent co*ck.

Harry groaned and fired the contents of his balls into Parvati's waiting throat. The young man unloaded stream after stream of delicious cum into Parvati's waiting mouth.

"Go share your prize with your sister."

Parvati smiled and beckoned Padma forward. Padma walked over to Parvati, with the two of them approaching each other. Their arms wrapped around each other and both leaned forward into a steamy embrace. Pressing their breasts against each other, the two twins snogged, swapping seed between each other.

Harry smiled and pushed them on the bed. He relieved both of them of their clothes, which caused them to be as naked as the day they were born.

"Whoever c*ms first, gets my co*ck last."

Harry smiled and closed his eyes. His tongue split in half thanks to a nifty little charm. Half of his tongue brushed against Padma's puss* while the other half brushed against Parvati's puss*.

"No fair, I have…more," Parvati said.

"No, you don't!" Padma yelled, reaching over to grab her hair.

"Cheater!" Parvati said. Her sister knew how much having her hair pulled turned her on.

'Ladies, behave, and neither of you will win.'

Ginny's amusem*nt almost outweighed her frustration at what happened. She watched both of the girls struggle.

Parvati's competitive spirit rolled over. She would not be outlasted by some bookworm like her sister. Even if she was adept with the handcuffs, old habits died hard. Parvati screwed her eyes shut, thinking of anything gross she could manage. Snape in a thong, Dumbledore doing a pole dance, Umbridge and Filch making out.

Nothing, Harry's skilled tongue caused Parvati to break.

Padma just let it ride out, knowing her org*sm would be slowed if she didn't fight it. Parvati didn't learn the lesson quite yet.


"Don't you want to cum, Pad?" Parvati asked in a taunting voice.

"Too slow, little sister," Padma said.

"Hey, you're only older than me by thirteen seconds…."

Parvati experienced a heavy peak and it all came crashing down on her. Her mind exploded into a cascade of pleasure. The frustration of losing almost was blocked out by the pleasure of cumming.

"You lose," Padma said.

"Barely," Parvati said.

"You can go play with Ginny until I've taken your sister."

Parvati smiled and she flipped her hair, sweat rolling down her face, along with her juices rolling down her legs.

"So, what do you want me to do to her, sir?" Parvati asked.

"Use your imagination," Harry said.

Parvati returned her gaze for Ginny with a wicked grin and walked over towards her. Ginny almost experienced terror, but why was she so horny?

"Payback time."

Harry smiled and spread Padma's legs. He started to kiss her up and down her body.

Padma twitched, each kiss caused her to become hornier. Her puss* grew so damp she could soak entire oceans. The woman's puss* moistened the closer Harry grew down.

"Do you think you're ready for my co*ck?"

"Please, Harry, f*ck my brains out," Padma said.

Harry chuckled.

"Well, good thing I can go a long time," Harry said.

"Yes, good thing."

Harry slid his co*ck into Padma's tight puss*, causing her to close her eyes. For the briefest second, Padma experienced pain. Harry grabbed her firmly by the hips.

"It's like pulling a band-aid off…hurts a lot less, if it's over…quickly."

Padma screamed when her hips rose up into the air. The first real co*ck speared into her puss*. Her tight c*nt stretched around him.

"Parvati never penetrated you, did she?" Harry asked.

"No, you're my first…came close, but I…chickened out," Padma said.

Harry smiled and rolled his hands all over Padma's sexy little body, cupping her breasts. Her nipples stood out, begging for attention.

Parvati shoved a dild* deep into Ginny's puss*.

"Not as big as Harry, why are you bawling like a baby?" Parvati asked.

"Please, Parvati…I just…"

"If you would have told us, this would have been a lot easier," Parvati said. She pushed the dild* into Ginny, transfiguring it to cause it to swell in her and contract like a real co*ck pumping inside her. "Come on, scream for me."

"f*ck you."

"Maybe later," Parvati said with a wink.

Parvati forcefully kissed Ginny and she returned the favor, shoving her tongue into Parvati's mouth. The two girls swapped spit, as Ginny tried to dig for the remennts of Harry's cum.

"Yes, Harry, deeper!"

Padma screamed for the heavens, placing her hands on Harry's back. He bottomed out in her puss*.

"Such a good girl like yourself shouldn't be this horny," Harry said.

"No, I'm not a good girl, Harry, I'm a really naughty girl," Padma said. Her hair flipped about her face, with a grin on her face. "I'm going to cum around your big co*ck. Can I please cum, sir?"

"Yes, you can," Harry said. "Go ahead and cum, cum like the dirty little slu*t you are."

Padma pushed her hips around Harry and allowed her cum to be soaked out. She collapsed to the bed, the shock from the cum around her.

Harry waved his hand to get the attention of Parvati and Ginny, both who looked very busy.

Parvati jumped halfway up the air, when a tentacle appeared to brush against her opening. Harry used the invisible tendril to pull Parvati forward.

The other Patil twin approached Harry, his co*ck aimed for her opening. Parvati's puss* opened up towards him and Harry's co*ck shoved inside.

"Just like old times, Harry?" Parvati asked.

"Yes, your puss* is as tight as ever," Harry said. He pushed into her.

"Your co*ck is the only one that feels right," Parvati said. Her hips clenched him.

The warm velvet center pressed against his massive prick. Parvati squeezed and released him. Harry allowed himself to be engulfed with her glorious friction.

Ginny realized the dild* left inside her had been hooked up to Parvati's pleasure centers thanks to the magic of magic. She really wanted to reach up and caress her breasts, her thighs, and her butt, along with everything else, but one problem, her hands were still tied, and she was pants at wandless magic.

Parvati bounced up and down on Harry's co*ck, riding it hard. Despite the fact Harry permitted her to be on top, his hands guided how fast or how slow she bounced. The soreness spread between Parvati's thighs, but the pleasure exploding through her body made her feel so amazing.

Harry smiled and looked into Parvati's eyes. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing them. They were a bit firmer than Padma's, but just a little bit. Harry would need to explore it.

"Damn, you're going to make me cum."

"It's the general idea, sweetie," Harry said, his hot breath hitting her ear.

Parvati's body pressed down against his manhood, releasing her juices onto him. She must have came hard at least twice straight in a row. Maybe one really big org*sm hit her. With Harry, she found it hard to tell.

Harry pulled out of Parvati and smiled. He walked over to Ginny, her battered puss* dripping with juices for him.

"You've been wanting this, haven't you?" Harry asked.

"Harry, you motherf*cker, don't tease me," Ginny said.

Harry swirled his thumb against her and smiled.

"You will not jump me when I loosen these ropes."

"Yes, sir."

Harry caused the ropes to loose, testing Ginny's obedience. He transformed the chair into something a bit more softer and tore Ginny's night dress.

Ginny restrained herself from shoving Harry's face into her breasts. He cupped them and played with them.

"You're making it so bloody difficult for me not to jump your bones," Ginny said through gritted teeth.

"It's worth the wait."

Harry brought his throbbing co*ck against Ginny's hot dripping puss*, and she almost sucked him in through either magic or just plain horniness. Regardless, Harry explored her extremely tight puss*.

"Remember, this belongs to me," Harry said.

"Never doubt," Ginny said.

The Master of Death squeezed Ginny's breasts and ass, signaling pretty much what else belonged to him. He swayed his hips back and forth, pushing his massive co*ck deep between Ginny's thighs.

Each thrust drove Ginny absolutely nuts, given her hands were tied, figuratively speaking, at least for the moment. Harry pushed deeper into her depths.

Ginny allowed herself to lift her hips, pushing his co*ck inside her. She matched Harry one hot stroke, after one hot stroke.

"You're almost done already?" Harry asked.

Padma and Parvati rested on the bed next to each other, engulfed in an enthralling embrace. They pushed their nipples together, rubbed their puss*es together, and spanked each other.

Ginny tried not to cum, but damn it, Harry's co*ck proved to be extremely hard to resist. Especially with his hands rolling over her extremely firm peaks. The young man entered and exited her, pounding her puss*.


Ginny's tight puss* came around Harry's co*ck. Her loins wrapped around his massive co*ck in an attempt to milk Harry. The attempt fell short when Harry's still throbbing co*ck slid out of her and Ginny slid down to the ground. Harry prevented Ginny from hitting her head.

Harry turned his head around and he viewed some perfectly prime Patil puss*, where he could finish the job in.

Parvati eagerly anticipated round two, with Harry pushing inside her.

"I bet one of you girls would like a reward, wouldn't you?"

Parvati answered with an eager nod. Her puss* tightened around his co*ck.

"Padma!" Parvati whined.

Padma started to lick and suckle at her twins nipples, causing her to scream in pleasure and frustration. Her puss* tightened much faster around Harry's co*ck.

"She isn't up for it, sir," Padma said. She rolled over onto her hands and knees, waving her tight ass at him. "I've got the perfect place to put your co*ck."

Harry situated his hands around Padma's hips and pushed into her from behind. Her moist center squeezed his co*ck. Harry gripped her hips and slipped almost out of her, before slamming into her body.

Parvati looked up, in a haze, and jealousy. The org*sm she should have gotten had been jilted out of her by Padma. When she got her sister alone, Parvati was going to have to spank the greedy bitch. Always thinking she deserved more because she was thirteen seconds old.

"Your puss* feels so f*cking hot, Padma," Harry said. "But, do you think it's worthy of storing my seed?"

"Oh yes, sir, shoot your cum into my womb, paint my walls white with your ji*zz!" Padma said. She spoke in a hot, sultry voice.

Harry pushed into her a few more times, thrusting deep into Padma's depths. The young man penetrated Padma hard and his muscles tightened.

Padma experienced a boost of energy and power, when the powerful sorcerer shot his cum inside her. Her puss* muscles tightened around him, careful not to miss a drop.


The extremely passionate yell she gave from her org*sm caused Parvati's jealousy to increase.

"It should have been mine," Parvati said.

Harry smiled, pulling out of Padma. Her puss* overflowed with the cum he shot into her puss*. He smiled and turned to Parvati.

"Well, ladies, I have a three day weekend…so I really hope you're not going to disappoint me."


The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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