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by Jack Higgins

Paper Book, 1981






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London : Collins, 1981.


Fiction.Thriller.HTML: From the New York Times�bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed and Dark Justice comes the World War II legend of American gangster Charles "Lucky" Luciano. It's 1943 and war is raging. The key to America and the Allies' first assault on Nazi-occupied Europe is the island of Sicily. But it is unknown whether the Sicilian people are willing to rise up and fight alongside the Allies. To secure their help, the US military turns to imprisoned mobster Lucky Luciano�the one man with the connections to the all-powerful Sicilian mafia that could change the course of the war in Italy. The price for his help? Nothing short of a full pardon. Sent in secret to Sicily, Luciano must use every bit of guile and ruthlessness he has to convince his underworld brethren to make a stand against the fascists who have overrun their land. If successful, his mission will pave the way for a full-scale invasion of Italy and aid the Allies in breaking Hitler's grip on Italy. But if he fails, the price in blood will be higher than anyone can imagine�and Luciano's will be the first spilled. For decades, author Jack Higgins has kept millions of readers around the world glued to the page with his breakneck pacing and shocking plot twists. Here, he takes the true story of the near-alliance between the US government and the mob during World War II to an explosive climax..… (more)

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LibraryThing member HenriMoreaux

With handful of facts with shovel loads of fictionalisation this book covers mafia leader Lucky Luciano's involvement in paving the way for the U.S. invasion of Italy during World War II.

In the scheme of Jack Higgins books it's pretty good, in the scheme of literature in general it's at the lower

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end of the scale. Re-use of partial characters names and backgrounds from previous books distract from the story and overall it's a plodding tale lacking in excitement.

It passes the time well enough, but you wouldn't really be too excited to read it purely for the sake of reading.

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LibraryThing member Carolee888

Luciano's Luck by Jack Higgins is very short, only two audio tape cassettes. It was a pleasant surprise. Since I had already read some reviews about the fiction in this historical fiction story, I did a little bit of research on this short chapter of history prior to listening to the cassettes. The

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story starts with General Eisenhower’s part in this and the author give some background information about Sicily. Jack Higgins says that Sicily had its own version of government and felt no allegiance to Italy. In fact each town in Sicily had its own capo and obedience was paid only to that capo not to those in other towns.

Basically the plan was to take Lucky Luciano aka Salvatore Lucina out of prison, commute his sentence and smuggle him to Sicily to rally the Sicilians and back the Allied Invasion. There were some secondary story which are probably the fictional part of the story.

I really enjoyed the male narrator’s voice which was a bit like Burt Lancaster’s. Both he, Tony Amendola and Judith Marx made it an exciting story to listen to. It was very entertaining and dramatic and Jack Higgins added some Sicilian cultural information. He said that when a woman was ready to deliver, a “witch” or streghe was sought out. There was some explicit sex but it was short. He also alludes to Sicilian customs that may have been carried over into the Mafia.

The best reason for listening to this story is that it can cause you to hunger for more details of history and more information on Sicilian culture.

If you have to chance to listen to this story, I highly recommend it.

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Criminals Fiction

Luciano, Lucky, 1897-1962 Fiction

War stories

World War, 1939-1945 Fiction

biographical fiction



Original publication date

1981 (orig. eng.)

Physical description

215 p.; 24 cm


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