Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (2024)

In Bloons Tower Defense 6 there are some Monkey Knowledge upgrades that are an absolute must-have. These upgrades range from increasing your starting cash all the way to increasing the popping power of your towers. Here are the BEST Monkey Knowledge upgrades in BTD6.

So what is the best Monkey Knowledge upgrade in BTD6? Mo Monkey Money is the best. This upgrade gives you 10% more monkey money for every win. If you get this early, you could easily earn thousands of monkey cash (a valuable in-game currency) with this Monkey Knowledge upgrade alone.

But that isn’t the only good Monkey Knowledge upgrade. I’ll be showing you many more in this article that will make BTD6 much easier and even reduce some of the grind of bloons.

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Bonus Monkey

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (1)

The Bonus Monkey upgrade is one of the stronger Monkey Knowledge upgrades and is in the Primary Monkey tree. This upgrade gives you a free dart monkey at the start of every single game!

Depending on upgrades you may or may not have, that could add up to several hundred dollars saved. Also, because you have a free monkey, you might be able to save up for an expensive tower right at the start (like maybe a hero hmmm).

For cash-strapped players on Impoppable, one dart monkey could be the difference-maker, so don’t think just because this is just a dart monkey it isn’t a strong upgrade!

More Cash

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (2)

More Cash is a monkey Knowledge upgrade that increases starting cash by 200. Yes, 200 extra dollars.

In terms of economics, More Cash is an incredibly strong MK upgrade. This is because you can start out the game with enough money to afford most heroes. Quincy, Striker Jones, Obyn, Psi, and several others.

Also, pairing More Cash with Bonus Monkey means that you can save for the more expensive heroes as well. Granted, you won’t be able to afford someone like Churchill, but you will still be able to get a Benjamin or Etienne. That alone makes More Cash worth having.

Finally, with a few other upgrades (coming up soon!), More Cash can give you enough money to start the game with a helicopter! Easily one of the strongest towers in BTD6, and you can get it round one. Dare I say more?

Military Conscription

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (3)

The Military Conscription upgrade decreases the cost of your first military monkey by two-thirds! These include Snipers, Helis, Subs, Dartling Gunners, etc. All decreased by 2/3rds of their price.

As I said above, pairing More Cash with Military Conscription can allow you to purchase certain towers that would otherwise be impossible to attain on round one. However, with this Monkey Knowledge upgrade, you can expect to see lots more military buildings in your starts.

Keep in mind, you still need another upgrade to get the Heli round one, but this is one of the many upgrades required. You will also need Advanced Logistics.

Mana Shield

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (4)

One of the most overpowered/strongest Monkey Knowledge upgrades in BTD6 has to be Mana Shield. It gives you a barrier of 25 lives that will slowly recharge each round as long as no Bloons leak. Note, however, that this doesn’t work on Impoppable difficulty.

The reason Mana Shield is so strong is that it allows you to leak early without the risk of losing lives. So if, for example, you were to only have a (free) dart monkey for a few rounds while you save up for an expensive tower, Mana Shield will prevent you from dipping into your lives.

Worst case Mana Shield gives you peace of mind, the best case it saves your run.

Monkey Education

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (5)

Monkey Education is an upgrade that gives all of your towers more experience. Now, this doesn’t really affect your in-game performance, because all it does is allow you to unlock tower upgrades faster. That being said, getting this upgrade early on decreases a lot of the grind in BTD6.

I highly recommend you get Monkey Education as one of your first Monkey Knowledge upgrades along with Mo Monkey Cash.

Bank Deposits

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (6)

The Bank Deposits Monkey Knowledge upgrade is one of my personal favorites. This upgrade allows you to deposit money into tier 4 banks, thereby increasing the amount of interest accrued.

Basically, you deposit a lot of money into the bank at the start of a new round and allow the bank to use the interest to fill the rest of the banks’ money. With this strategy, you will be making somewhere around 1250 dollars per round per bank.

This used to be the most efficient way of making money in BTD6 but was nerfed. Still, this strategy remains extremely potent.

Pre-Game Prep

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (7)

Pre-Game Prep is a Monkey Knowledge upgrade in the powers tree. This upgrade gives you a pile of permanent road spikes at the end of the track that prevents any bloon from escaping until they are gone. There is 20 pops worth of spikes.

One of the main reasons that pre-game prep is so strong is in large part due to the combo of mana shield. Between pre-game prep and mana shield, you are looking at 45 extra lives, not counting the amount saved from mana shield regenerating. This makes saving up for monkeys extremely easy and can even save your game from time to time.

Sadly, pre-game prep is in the powers tree, which is pretty lackluster. So I wouldn’t recommend getting this early on.

Entire Heroes Tree

Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (8)

Instead of listing one or several from the Heroes Monkey Knowledge tree, I’ll just go ahead and tell you to get all of them. Every single upgrade in this tree is amazing and buffs a tower that almost everyone goes, heroes.

These upgrades include Monkeys Together Strong (a must-have for co-op games), Empowered Heroes (starts your hero at level 3), Hero Favors (makes heroes 10% cheaper), and various upgrades for popping power and CDR. Not a bad upgrade in the entire tree.

If you’ve gotten every single one of the upgrades above and don’t know what to do with your Monkey Cash/Knowledge points, start dumping all of it into the Heroes tree. You’ll thank me later.


And that’s it for this article. That was the best monkey knowledge upgrades in BTD6!

Hopefully, all of these upgrades do you well in your bloons games and you pop thousands of bloons! Good luck and have a nice day.


Best Monkey Knowledge in BTD6 - Must Have Upgrades (2024)


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